Wet Wipe Wasteland

Wet wipes are clogging sewer systems nationwide

Regardless of what the package says, put them in the garbage and not in the toilet.  If you are on a septic system or using a macerator, the wipes could be building in your pipes ready to wipe out your bank account with costly repairs!  The problem is building across the country and for good reason.  We now have wipes for just about everything; furniture polish, shoes, stainless steel cleaning, leather, babies and of course…our behinds.Baby wipes are frequently thrown in the toilet as well, contributing to the mess beneath our feetWet wipes are clogging sewer systems nationwide





We admit, we’ve thrown a few wipes in the toilet with little, okay no, thought about where they’d end up or in what condition.  But as these articles point out, wipes are causing millions of dollars in damage and increased maintenance for cities everywhere.  Read more from Montgomery Alabama about their wet wipe woes: Wet Wipe Woes in Montgomery

And the Big Apple is in Big Doo-Do here:  Wiping out the Big Apple

Wet Wipes clogging the NY waste water treatment machinery

A mechanical rake at the Newtown Creek plant collecting solid waste, mostly wet wipes, for disposal. Credit Karsten Moran for The New York Times