My Bidet Seat keeps dripping!

Clean Sense 1500RThis article pertains to the following brands: Clean Sense, SpaLoo, Nova, Infinity.

If your bidet seat is dripping into the toilet, the answer could be as simple as remounting it on the bracket. Some bidet seats have a release button on the right side (as you’re facing the bidet, below the electrical cord). This button releases the bidet body from the bracket that is bolted to your toilet bowl. It also acts as a drain to empty the internal plumbing of the bidet seat. (It is recommended to drain the internal plumbing before shipping the bidet to ensure that the water doesn’t freeze and damage the bidet.)

So what does this have to do with a dripping seat?!!! Well, if the bidet seat works itself forward off the mounting bracket partially, it will cause the drain to partially open…and leak!

How do I fix it?

First thing to do is while the seat is dripping (leaking) water into the bowl, press the release button and pull the bidet seat toward you. This should close the drain valve and the dripping should stop. If it does, congratulations! You are now a bidet repairman (person?). Go ahead and pull the bidet seat further off the bracket so you can make sure the bracket is tight to the toilet bowl. Then slide the bidet seat back onto the bracket purposefully until it clicks in place. This should take care of it.

If it doesn’t stop the dripping, the solenoid is almost assuredly the cause and would need to be replaced. They are not hard to replace and we are happy to ship you the part!  We also sell the parts if your unit is out of warranty and just so you know, we also do repair work if you want to send it in.

If you have any questions about these or other brands, give us a call. We have the resources to answer questions about almost any bidet seat brand! 1-888-670-9389