How to Determine your Toilet Seat Size (Shape)

How to Determine your Toilet Seat Size (Shape)

Clear Water Bidets, Image showing dimensions of round and elongated toilet seats

Elongated or Round toilet seat shape?

The Number One cause of returned bidet seats is incorrect toilet seat size (shape).  Basically toilets come in two shapes, round or elongated (oval).    Generally if the distance from the bolts that hold the seat to the bowl to the front of the bowl is around 16 1/2 inches, that’s a ROUND.  If the distance is closer to 18 1/2 inches, that’s ELONGATED.  When you look at the picture here, it seems obvious which is which, but in the real world, it’s not always so easy to tell.  Make sure you know before ordering your bidet seat because it costs about $40 to ship a seat one way to get the right one!

Toilet-Seat-MeasurementsSo grab a tape measure and do a quick check.  We found this video that lays out just how to do this very nicely.

How to Measure your Toilet Seat Video

So bottom line (pun intended) is no matter what shape toilet you have, we can fit it.  All of our seats come in round and elongated sizes.  If you have any questions please feel free to call us toll free at 888-670-9389