Care Homes Installing Bidets

Bidet seats can help preserve independent living

Bidet seats can help preserve independence as we ageKaren Lawrence of Matrix Home Health Care gets it!  Bidet seats are a simple way to preserve or return one’s dignity in the bathroom.  Self-sufficiency is something we all strive for as little kids and for most, that pride in our independence never goes away. Yet as we age, we naturally lose some abilities.  We need reading glasses for the morning paper, special shoes for those walks around the park, a little Metamucil in the OJ to keep things working well, you get the idea.  When it comes to keeping our bodies clean, having someone wipe us can be awkward to say the least and embarrassing or humiliating for some.

By using a bidet seat to wash up after toileting, we can keep some of that much strived for independence a little longer.  At the touch of a button, almost anyone can enjoy the freshness and cleanliness of the warm water washes.

Caregivers are in a better position to support their client with the remote control operation of most modern bidet toilet seats.  Without having to get too “personal”, a caregiver can assure their client is being taken care of.   Maxtrix Home Health Care installs bidet toilet seats