Novita bidet seat logoThanks to a customer’s inquiry, we solved the mystery of the Novita BN-330 bidet not self-cleaning the nozzle when you first sit down.  The “seat sensor” switch, which is located in the left side hinge (as you’re facing the unit) has a micro-switch that activates when you sit on the seat.  You can press down on the seat with your hand and see this slight movement in the left seat hinge.Novita BN-330 bidet toilet seat image



Well, if you have that switch turned to the “ON” position at all times, the seat will not dispense water (self-clean) when you first sit down.  This override is there in case you need to use the seat with a commode chair or other device wherein the user is not physically sitting on the seat.

To turn this “ON” simply press the Forward Nozzle button for 3 seconds.  Both the “Normal” light and the “Super” light will come on and the Power Saving button will no longer have any effect when pressed.  To turn this “OFF”, if your’s is on, press and hold the Forward Nozzle button for 3 seconds.  Then press the STOP button once.  You should be all set!  


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