How to Determine your Toilet Seat Size (Shape)

The Number One cause of returned bidet seats is incorrect toilet seat size (shape).  Basically toilets come in two shapes, round or elongated (oval).    Generally if the distance from the bolts that hold the seat to the bowl to the front of the bowl is around 16 1/2 inches, that's a ROUND.  If the [...]

My Bidet Seat keeps dripping!

This article pertains to the following brands: Clean Sense, SpaLoo, Nova, Infinity. If your bidet seat is dripping into the toilet, the answer could be as simple as remounting it on the bracket. Some bidet seats have a release button on the right side (as you're facing the bidet, below the electrical cord). This button releases [...]

Try it, you’ll LIKE it!

There was an Alka-Seltzer commercial in the early 70's that put those words into our public lexicon. It's the best analogy I can give about using a bidet toilet seat. I know, I know, its a cop-out. I should fill the pages with facts and figures about how bidets are more hygienic, and washing with [...]

Heated Seats? Oh yeah!

We are almost too enthusiastic when we talk about the heated seats in our bidets but seriously, if you’ve ever sat down on a toasty warm seat in the dead of winter or the middle of the night, you’d understand! Even I thought, when summer came around, that we'd want to turn off the heat [...]