Clean Sense Round Bidet Seat Dimensions?

We were recently asked about the exact dimensions of the seat on a Clean Sense bidet.  The seat is the same for the Clean Sense dib-1500 and dib-1500R, as well as the Infinity and Nova bidets.  This seat is narrower at the front than some other round bidet seats and some customers have complained that [...]

Novita BN330 bidet doesn’t self clean when sat upon

Thanks to a customer's inquiry, we solved the mystery of the Novita BN-330 bidet not self-cleaning the nozzle when you first sit down.  The "seat sensor" switch, which is located in the left side hinge (as you're facing the unit) has a micro-switch that activates when you sit on the seat.  You can press down [...]

How to Determine your Toilet Seat Size (Shape)

The Number One cause of returned bidet seats is incorrect toilet seat size (shape).  Basically toilets come in two shapes, round or elongated (oval).    Generally if the distance from the bolts that hold the seat to the bowl to the front of the bowl is around 16 1/2 inches, that's a ROUND.  If the [...]

My Bidet Seat keeps dripping!

This article pertains to the following brands: Clean Sense, SpaLoo, Nova, Infinity. If your bidet seat is dripping into the toilet, the answer could be as simple as remounting it on the bracket. Some bidet seats have a release button on the right side (as you're facing the bidet, below the electrical cord). This button releases [...]

Wet Wipe Wasteland

Regardless of what the package says, put them in the garbage and not in the toilet.  If you are on a septic system or using a macerator, the wipes could be building in your pipes ready to wipe out your bank account with costly repairs!  The problem is building across the country and for good [...]

Try it, you’ll LIKE it!

There was an Alka-Seltzer commercial in the early 70's that put those words into our public lexicon. It's the best analogy I can give about using a bidet toilet seat. I know, I know, its a cop-out. I should fill the pages with facts and figures about how bidets are more hygienic, and washing with [...]

Heated Seats? Oh yeah!

We are almost too enthusiastic when we talk about the heated seats in our bidets but seriously, if you’ve ever sat down on a toasty warm seat in the dead of winter or the middle of the night, you’d understand! Even I thought, when summer came around, that we'd want to turn off the heat [...]

The Future of the Loo

A funny article from the Guardian UK.  In it, the writer discovers a bidet seat in a Japanese restaurant by accident and is forever changed. “When self-confessed lavatory enthusiast Helen Pidd tried out this paper-free, hi-tech contraption in a London restaurant, it was a complete revelation to her. Is Britain finally coming out of its toilet [...]

Care Homes Installing Bidets

Karen Lawrence of Matrix Home Health Care gets it!  Bidet seats are a simple way to preserve or return one’s dignity in the bathroom.  Self-sufficiency is something we all strive for as little kids and for most, that pride in our independence never goes away. Yet as we age, we naturally lose some abilities.  We [...]

Do Bidets Save Natural Resources?

Toilet Paper is flushing these trees down the drain. “Popular everywhere except North America, where Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper annually, switching to bathroom bidets could save 15 million trees.” It is easily acknowledged that using a bidet seat will reduce the amount of toilet paper you use.  However when [...]